Do I need an appointment for my service request?

To ensure that your service request is met with the best quality service time, an appointment is necessary. If your service request is not urgent or you are not concerned with turn-around time, a service request is recommended but not necessary.

My service request involves my device, what should I bring?

When dropping off any device, please remember the device and any power or auxillary power cables that came with the device. This ensures that at no time, the incorrect power wattage or amperage is used on your device to cause unwanted and unnecessary damage to the device.


PC Tower and the power cable.
Laptop and the battery charging cable. Some tablets like Samsung Tablets have proprietary power cables always remember those.

How much is a Device Analysis?

Device Analysis is always free of charge and a professional courtesy service to my customers!!

Do you provide B2B IT Services or Consultation?

Absolutely! Both in the For Profit and Not-For-Profit Sectors!

Commercial Hourly Rate*: $45.00
*Customer calls in advance and schedules a service request. Emergency Commercial Hourly Rate*: $90.00 *Business experiences an Emergency and needs a tech immediately.

How long will it take to get my device back?

Generally speaking most services are same-day services.

When handling Tier 3 Services and in some rare cases with Malware Removal the Service Request may exceed same-day and most of these cases are handled in less than 48 hours.

Do you service Apple products?

YES. I now will troubleshoot and provide service support for MACs. No hardware support of any kind at this time. However, analysis will determine if hardware support is necessary customers will be referred to Apple-Certified locations.

Do you service Google products?

Yes. I work on a variety of Android operating devices.

Do you service Laptops?


Do you make house calls?

Yes. For the Jamestown Area I am willing to come to your home. I do not make house calls outside of the Jamestown Area.

Do you have parts for sale?

I am a procurement specialist. I do not keep an inventory of products on-hand and I do not sell pre-built machines unless they are recycled and usually those are sold online in the Facebook Marketplace.

I or my loved one is computer illiterate, do you provide training?

Yes. My hourly rate for computer training is $10.00/hr.

I deleted important files, can you recover my lost data?

Yes. I provide discrete data recovery. Meaning I will recover all data and provide it for you to do with as you please but I do not review or look at any of the data recovered. Your privacy is my first priority.

I really cannot afford to be without my device, do you provide rentals?

No. I do not keep inventory so I do not have a way to provide a rental while you wait for your service request to be completed.

I know something is wrong with my device, but I don't know how to explain it, can you still help me?

Absolutely. I do not expect my customers to understand the tech industry like I do not understand the automotive industry. I can analyze your device and determine rather quickly a starting point for your device restoration. Sometime, more than one service is necessary to fully rehabilitate a device and the most frequent services will be Optimization, Hardware Upgrades and Malware Removal.

My computer connects to the internet and powers on, can you provide remote support?

Yes. I provide remote support through Zoom Meetings. All remote services are recorded for quality assurance.